Friday, March 27, 2009

March Madness

I'm feeling a bit like life is on fast forward lately and wishing I could push a magic button and make it slow down. Have you seen the I Love Lucy episode where she trying to sing along with the record player and it speeds up and she is trying to keep up with it? We are in college visit mode with Kelsie...I think we've hit 6 so far with 3 more in the coming weeks. Today we are off to Nacogdoches to see SFA...the bonus is we get to see Tori and we are going with our road trip buddies from soccer so we will have fun! I could end up with a whole scrapbook of Kelsie's college visit adventures. Nolan was so easy....UT or A&M...pick #1 or #2. But now for him it is the never ending adventure of applying for scholarships...due dates and deadlines, essays and transcripts...lots of money out there if you can survive the process and get chosen among the busloads of students who are also scrambling to find tuition money:0 And to add to my fun, Nolan decided to paint his room (seems a little late to me:) and we found termite damage in his walls. The little critters arent' there anymore but Randy is having to replace 2x4's and sheetrock so now Nolan is living in the den and his has always been the room that I didn't visit much cuz you can't walk across the floor without tripping on stuff. I am thinking this is one of those tests of patience...dang I hope I pass...I've never been that good at test taking:0

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Pam said...

Glad the choosing is over for us, but sounds like Kelsie is having a lot of fun with the road trips!